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Imitating the “YES” of Mary

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At the heart of our Gospel this week is the response to a call. A call which from beyond this world. This is a key incident in the scriptures because it was not only a conversation between Gods messenger and Mary, but it is a call that applies to every Christian. Mary’s initial response is; “How can this be ?…” surely a response which resonates with us all, ‘but how can this be?….”

Mary’s reply to the angel changes all of human history. Mary plunges into the world of faith, ‘Yes’, she says, and, it’s that  ‘Yes’ which allows salvation to come among us.

Remember, this did not happen in a temple, or to a holy priest, or to a high ranking member of society. No, the dawn of our salvation relied on the humble faith-filled response of a young woman. “ Be it done unto me…” And so, a little while later, in the humble surroundings of the stable in Bethlehem, human existence was changed for all eternity.

Christmas is about imitating that ‘Yes’ of Mary. Consenting to have Jesus as a part of our lives. We don’t need to be clever or wealthy or famous, all we need is to respond “ Be it done unto me according to your Word.” Could this be your response as we enter into the beauty and mystery of the great festival of Christmas ?

Fr John

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