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Being Awake

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All of us have experienced that terrible sensation of, despite our best efforts, falling asleep at an inappropriate time. Yes, sometimes even at mass ! Our Gospel this 1st Sunday of the Churches new year isn’t so much concerned with these occasions – more with the reality that we may have fallen asleep in life itself. Is there a danger that we might find ourselves sleep walking our way through life ? Is it possible that we get ourselves on some sort of auto-pilot, when we simply become   disengaged from challenges and opportunities in favour of the mundane and the predictable ?

I don’t believe that this is the call of the Christian. No, the call of Christ, the action of the Holy Spirit is  ever new. This was born out in Jesus’ response the steward who simply buried the gift that the master had given him. At the heart of the Christian vocation is the call to holiness, and this vocation of holiness may only be lived out by an openness and docility to the Holy Spirit.

This weekend we will be hearing for the first time some of the work of the new Parish Leadership Team. This new style of parish leadership has as its goal a greater engagement with the people of our parish.  An impulse to make us more dynamic as a group of believing Catholic Christians. We hope to instil firstly in ourselves, and in you too, a firm sense of the great joy it is to be a friend of Jesus Christ, a new desire to stay awake, so that the Master might find us joyful, and in His service, when he comes.

Fr John

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