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Pilgrimage Thoughts

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I am just back from a wonderful ten days of pilgrimage through some of the holy sites of  Catholicism here in New Zealand. By bus, (and ferry), a group of us traced the lives for Susan Aubert, Francis Douglas, Emmet McHardy, and Bishop Pompallier. We  visited the places where they lived and worked, we offered rosaries and masses in their honour, and we tried to walk, literally and figuratively, in their footsteps.

One thing we might conclude from these courageous Catholic Christians is that all of them, in the midst of various life circumstances, took Christ as their King. All of them, whilst still loving those who were close to them, decided to live for Him alone, all of them took themselves off the ‘throne’, and put Christ there instead.

That is the challenge of our feast day this Sunday. To, with open hearts, ask that  question is Christ really our King ? Let’s be honest in asking that question as we prepare for the new liturgical year to start next weekend.

    Fr John

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