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We Are God’s Ambition

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A comedian said that his wife made a complaint to him that comparing to other men of his age, who had got good houses and many thousands of dollars in their bank account, but he has got nothing, because he was not  ambitious enough. He said to her, among all women in the world, I chose you, and you are saying that I am not ambitious enough? You are my ambition.

That is my joke for your weekend, but what I mean is that we are God’s ambition, we are the glory of God’s talents and might. We are beautiful creatures that God has made, and not only creatures we have been made children of God through Jesus Christ. The better we use our talents, the better the glory of God is seen through us. God has made no mistakes when God created each one of us in our mothers’ wombs, we are not accidental, God has plan for each of us.

In today’s Gospel, the parable shows that God does not forget to give everyone at least one talent. To one he gives five talents, to another two, to a third one; each in proportion to their ability to handle. Thus, by different ways we can use our talents to contribute to the glory of God on earth.

Jesus tells us this parable of the talents to remind us of the importance of constantly using our gifts and talents for God’s glory. The glory of God is seen by the way we live our life to its fulness. It is contrary to God’s ambition if we are lazy or if we hide God’s gifts and talents, because hiding God’s gift and talents is hiding God’s hidden power and love for us. Lastly, as one of the early Church Father said, ‘the glory of God is that man/woman is fully alive.’ We are God’s ambition, and God is pleased when we dare to take risk in investing our talents in life. Please have courage to put your name down for at least one ministry in our Catholic Parrish of Waimakariri or talk to your priests if you don’t know what to do with God’s ambition that is hidden in you.   

Fr. Tien Cao

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