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Are We Ready?

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I believe that the parable in front of us this weekend points us beyond the details of lamps and oil and being awake or asleep.  Indeed it is a reminder of the final journey we will all make to meet the bridegroom – Jesus at the end of our life. Our faith reminds us that there indeed will be a    generation in history that will experience the second coming of Christ. Will this be our generation ? And when this happens we will have just but a moment to ask ; Am I ready? Am I prepared?

If our generation is not the generation to experience the second coming, then all of us must still face the day of our death. For some of us it will be unexpected and sudden — even perhaps at a young age. For others it will be fairly predictable and follow a natural course. Regardless, there will be a time in our personal histories when we will ask ourselves the question — Am I ready? Am I prepared?

In each of our lives we are faced with a multiple of choices to make, each day, which can seem    singularly insignificant; however, they often add up to pointing us in a particular direction. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Perhaps then, in the light of this story of the 10 bridesmaids, we might ask, are our many everyday decisions pointing us in the direction of making us ready? Are they helping us to get prepared?

Fr John

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