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The Wedding Garment

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The parable put before us this week is a powerful one. It is given by Jesus in   response to a question – “What is the Kingdom of God like?” Jesus teaches us that the Kingdom can be compared to a Wedding Banquet. It seems, incredibly, that  upon receiving the invitation many make decisions not to attend. In fact the mere invitation provokes retaliation among some. I am guessing that if you are reading this bulletin you are not one of those who have chosen not to come to the wedding. No, you have a desire to take up the invitation of Jesus to join Him in his Kingdom. But what of the man who is not dressed appropriately for the feast ? Is it possible that we might also find ourselves ‘under dressed’ ?

Note that the invitation to the banquet springs out of Gods grace. Despite our unworthiness we are all invited – even if we are coming in from the margins. But what seems to be asked of us is that we come wearing appropriate attire.

I think it’s important to recognize that the dress code for this feast is spiritual. Yes, our attendance at the feast will require of us a certain spiritual attitude, certain spiritual clothing. For instance we ought to arrive at the banquet wearing a garment of praise, praising God for the invitation afforded us. We should enter that banquet hall with dressed with humility, recognizing our unworthiness. In taking our place, we should be cloaked in great joy in seeing those who join us, and perhaps at the same time covered with consolation that we had made our best effort to ensure that others have been encouraged take up their invitation .

Fr John

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