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One of the new phrases that some people use to describe themselves is that, ‘I am a news junkie’. Particularly at this time there is plenty of ‘news’ about, both nationally and internationally. Not only is there plenty of news around – it seems to me, that much of the news is bad. Does a relentless diet of bad news have an effect on us ? Yes, I think it does. If we over indulge, if we become overly fascinated by news events, there is the danger that the work of interior renewal, the work of nourishing our spiritual lives, can be left unattended, replaced by a constant and ‘cancerous’ diet of negativity.

The late +Bishop Basil Meeking made it clear that he wanted all his seminarians were to read the newspaper each day, he, rightly in my view, wanted his future priests to be aware of national and global events so that they might preach the Gospel in the real world context of their parishioners. Indeed as Christian people all of us ought to be prepared to give an account of our faith in the public square. However this must not come at the expense of nurturing and maintaining a ‘secret garden’ where our souls may find rest.

St Paul is very clear about this in our second reading this weekend. He says; “…fill your minds with everything which is true, everything which is noble, everything that is good and pure, everything that we love and honor, and everything which can be thought virtuous or worthy of praise.” What we are fed by changes us.

As the end of the year approaches, and the intensity of life increases, lets make some time to foster our inner convictions after the model of Jesus himself, who often took time away from the crowds to be with his Father in prayer.

Fr John

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