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Have We Made It to the Vineyard?

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Perhaps our first reading of our Gospel this weekend might lead us to conclude that this is a clever story regarding the human condition. However, if we are prepared to personalize this parable, it starts to become a more powerful tool for self-examination. Indeed the fact that you are reading this bulletin comment suggests that you are the son who has said “…yes Lord, I am prepared to work in your vineyard.”

The next question then for us is ‘Do we actually make it to the vineyard ?’ It’s one thing to profess our faith, it’s quite another to live it. Our Gospel this week is surely asking this question of each one of us.

This week on Thursday also gives us the opportunity to examine the life of a wonderful Catholic woman who certainly did make it to the  vineyard. It’s the feast day today of St Therese of Lisieux, one of the great spiritual geniuses of our Catholic tradition. St Therese’s ‘little way’ has inspired millions since her death in 1897 at the age of only 24. On her death-bed she promised, “I will return, my heaven will be spent on earth.” She remains a powerful intercessor for those who seek her prayers.

She, along with all the Saints, ought to inspire us when we see that   sinful human beings – like us, have both proclaimed, and lived out their faith to an heroic degree. Let’s ask for the intercession of St Therese as we too seek to be workers in the Lord’s vineyard.

Fr John

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