gospel reflection

A Man of Grace

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The Parable that is at the heart of our Gospel today has always challenged its hearers. We think that those who heard this parable for the first time may well have been day laborers themselves. There is every chance that they may have been perplexed by the apparent lack of justice from the landowner who pays those who have worked the entire day the same as those who have worked for only a short time. A thought which may help us here is that Jesus came among us as a man of grace – a grace that surpasses justice. Jesus offered those who had worked only a short time more than their efforts merited. Lest we grumble at this, we might also remember that Jesus has already offered us the same. He has won for us a salvation which to far beyond what we might be worthy of, eternal life that we do not deserve.
Let’s give thanks today for the grace of God and seek to be agents of this great kindness to others.

Fr John

Fr Arsene’s Departure
The time has arrived, all too quickly, for Fr Arsene to leave New Zealand. I hope you agree that his presence with us at St Peter Chanel has been a tremendous blessing. What you will not know is that, for both Fr Tien and I, Arsene has also been a wonderful priestly companion. Thank you to all of you who have made his stay in New Zealand a deeply satisfying experience for Fr Arsene . I know his time with us has left a lasting impression on him. The financial gift we have been able pass on to Fr Arsene was in excess of $3000.
Fr John

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