gospel reflection

“But who do you say that I am?”

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At some point or another we’ve probably all been told who Jesus is. Maybe you heard it from priests, teachers, parents, friends, or prayer groups. Maybe you read it in books, CCD lessons, or on bumper stickers. Maybe you saw it on Facebook, read it on the internet, or heard it in a song. Some of the answers may have been helpful, some not. Some were just plain silly and some may have even been hurtful and destructive. Regardless, the question remains.

Here’s is the point. Who we say Jesus is has everything to do with who and how we are and will be. In some ways our answer says as much or more about us, than Jesus. It reveals how we live and what we stand up for. It guides our decisions, and determines the actions we take and the words we speak. It describes the expectations and demands we place on Jesus and on ourselves. It discloses the depth of our motivation for, and commitment to, following him, a motivation and commitment that will be challenged by the events of our lives, but eventually it will determine the nature of our lives beyond this world.

Being Catholics we are able to answer this question with Peter, the first in a line of leaders of the Catholic Church that stretches to our days with Pope Francis. However this question from Jesus also requires a personal response. As we gather around the altar of the Lord this weekend lets take some time to ponder, and to respond to this question; “But who do you say I am ?”

Fr John

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