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What Is This Among So Many ?

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Scripture scholars remind us that our Gospel this weekend contains the only miracle recorded in all four of the Gospels. The reason for this appears obvious, it is clear prefiguring of the Eucharist. The Eucharist has the same characteristics of this miracle: the community gathered, the transformation of humble elements into what satisfies us, and the intuition that God’s care for us is superabundant. The body and blood of Christ – is there any food which could be greater? The instincts of some of the disciples was to send the people away. No, says Jesus, ‘give them something to eat themselves’. There is our mandate, to become agents of God’s tremendous unrivaled generosity as he offers mankind the very body of his own son. We stand in awe of this great gift and ask for the grace to be grateful and to enter more deeply into this great mystery each time we attend Mass.

Fr John

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