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“There are always seeds that bear fruit for the harvest”(Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)

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On this 15th Sunday of the Ordinary Time, we meditate on the parable of the sower of the seeds. There are far too many dangers that oppose to the seeds’ growth: the unworkable stony ground, the thorns, and the bad weather – everything seems to condemn the work of the sower to failure. And yet, much is done in vain, there are always seeds that germinate and thrive for the harvest, despite all perils grow to bear fruit and reward all the toil many times over. This is an image of hope and trust for those who totally consecrate their work and effort in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the power of the kingdom of God. What Jesus wants to say to each one of us with this story is that all truly fruitful things begin in this world with what is small and hidden. This is to illustrate that much of our ministry and volunteering work in the kingdom of God may be hidden behind the compliments and praises of the local newspaper, but it is in the hidden reality that the power of God is manifested.

This parable sometimes makes us think as if the sower of the word is in reality only sent out so as to achieve nothing, so as to fail. But despite all the harshness of the different inconceivable grounds, there are always seeds that bear fruit in good soil. We hope that each of us is the good soil that allows the word of God to bear fruit for God’s kingdom, despite all life struggles and difficulties which we face daily.

God has not finished with us yet; he is still sowing the seeds. He is still continually moving in his own space through his story. He is still continually veiling his power in the garb of powerlessness. And he is still continually present in the heart of those who hang on to the true values and the divine values, such as truth, love, faith and justice. Despite all the disappointment and condemnation of the word of God in our society, yet this parable reminds us – Be comforted.

Fr. Tien Cao

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