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The Work of Building the Kingdom

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The Work of Building the Kingdom

It has been said that ‘Work creates stress.’ But it also creates satisfaction.    Some people live for a job well done. Most people love to be productive and pride themselves on carrying out a job with confident success.

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus gave his followers a job: to go and make disciples.  The task ahead might have discouraged his followers. But the power of his word and the promise of his presence washed away any hesitation on their part.

Jesus promised his personal presence to his followers in their mission until he came in glory. Making disciples might not be easy. But Jesus assured us that it would happen. The power of his presence guaranteed the power of his command. What is this   ‘presence’ that he promised? The answer to this question will be before us next week at Pentecost – the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has been at work in our community – particularly in the life of four people in our community who have been preparing to become Roman Catholics. This weekend at Mass, one of them, Nathan Trinham, will be Baptised, Confirmed, and make his First Holy Communion. I hope you can join us for that celebration.

Speaking of our online masses, thanks for the tremendous support and  encouragement you have given us over these past weeks. It certainly helped as we have attempted to grapple with the barely comprehensible restrictions that have been placed on people of faith gathering            together. We are hoping that this week these restrictions will crumble away, and we can be together to celebrate Pentecost as a parish family. Our Pastoral team has in place strategies for both a 50 -person restriction and a 100 – person restriction for Sunday mass next  weekend. As soon as we know, we will let you know how the parish will handle any requirement for extra masses and a system for booking in your preference to attend one of those.

I’m having some time off this week up in the mountains, I’ll be back for Pentecost.

Fr John

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