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Good Shepherd Sunday

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Jesus Christ wants to be our Good Shepherd in every generation.  He desires that we belong to him as he has already given himself to us, especially in the Eucharistic Sacrifice. Christ has laid down his life for our salvation, and thus, in gazing upon him constantly, we are liberated from our selfishness and self-centredness.

The call to imitate the life of Christ our Good Shepherd is a holy and noble vocation in the Church. Christ has never promised an easy way of life for those who followed him in the past, nor anyone who is following him in this present age, nor will it be easier for those who will be following him in the future. However, the promise of Christ to reward us with a hundredfold more in this life and the inheritance of eternal life hereafter is true (Mt 19:29)  

On this Vocations Sunday, Good Shepherd Sunday, may I take this opportunity to ask each of you to help the bishop to identify and invite young men in your community to discern the vocation to the priesthood. You know who they are in your communities. These young men, whom the Lord has already called, may be your sons and grandsons, or someone that you may have thought of as a candidate for priesthood. Please approach and talk to them about priesthood. God is faithful to his promise, and we, who are the bearers of this beacon of hope, trust that he will give us shepherds after his own heart who will feed uswith knowledge and understanding (Jer 3:15). 

Fr. Tien Cao

Diocesan Vocations Director

Email: vocations.chch@gmail.com


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