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Palm Sunday Reflection

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The Passion Sunday introduces us into the Holy Week in which we shall celebrate the peak of our Christian faith, the Sacred Paschal Triduum. Many Christians around the world will not be able to go to church during this Holy Week because of the Covid-19. Let us all celebrate it in spiritual communion with all the followers of Jesus, imploring Him that next year we may be able to all celebrate it in our churches. On this Sunday, we celebrate the messianic entrance of our Lord Jesus Christ into the Holy City, Jerusalem, where he accomplished his Paschal mystery. Many people acclaimed Him.

By making ours the acclamations of the people “Hosanna to the Son of David”, we acknowledge Jesus to be our Saviour, our King and the Master of our life. Our procession into the church (at a spiritual level as well) is an expression that we are the new people of God, journeying toward the heavenly Jerusalem. In our liturgy, we also commemorate the Passion of our Lord Jesus-Christ. With this celebration, we remember that, in His great love for us, our Lord gave His life on the Cross in order to save us. We are invited to unite ourselves to His sufferings. Let us take time, during this Holy Week, to meditate on the Passion of Jesus. This is an opportunity for us to meditate on the Christian meaning of human suffering. We think in a special way of those affected by the Covid-19, imploring God’s mercy on them. Let us also think of all the people who are suffering in different ways around the world because of war, famine, injustice, etc.

While bearing all this in our hearts, let us remember the prophecy of Isaiah on Jesus: “Yet it was our infirmities that he bore, our sufferings that he endured… By his stripes we were healed”. (Is 53,4-5). Through the celebration of the Lord’s Passion, may we experience the effects of the power of His Resurrection in our lives.

Fr Arsène KAPYA

Assistant Priest

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