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At the Well

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It ’ s a beautiful and powerful story before us this week – ‘ The Woman at the Well ’. There is perhaps a question at the heart of this story, what – was the woman looking for that she failed to find in her five failed relationships. It ’ s an important question because, perhaps, this shines a light on : our own experience of desolation in life. The answer to her longing is found, as this story teaches us, in the person of Jesus Christ. Yes, if you want fulfillment in life, if you want peace and harmony in the world, the answer will always be to turn to Christ. At this midway point of our Lenten journey – it ’ s good to restate this central truth of our faith. All of our Lenten disciplines, all of our efforts towards self mastery, all our attempts at self forgetfulness have their meaning and purpose in the person of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen from the dead.

Fr John

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