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Into the Wilderness

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We note this weekend that Jesus was tempted in the Wilderness. The Bible says that immediately after His public anointing at his baptism, Jesus is led by the same Holy Spirit into wilderness to be tempted alone. This is a lesson for us. The greatest moments of temptation often follow the greatest moments of exaltation. The blessing of new marriage, a promotion, a new church, even the gift of a new child can create environments ripe for temptation. We see that it is not by accident that Jesus finds himself in the wilderness – is by design. God does not lead Him into temptation, but He does lead him into a place where he will be tested. We appreciate that God often leads us into good things; but we need to learn to appreciate the times when He leads us to confront our weaknesses – to strengthen and purify our faith. Let’s not be afraid this Lent to confront those things in our lives which shield us from knowing Gods great love for us.

Fr John

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