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Be Perfect

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There can be no tougher challenge than the one given by Jesus in our gospel this weekend; “Be perfect as my father in heaven is perfect.” In the – 3:00pm verses before Jesus makes this challenge, he gives a blueprint as to how we might begin to take up this difficult but worthy task. He asks us to move beyond the demands of simple justice into the world of grace. Grace asks of us to not offer what the other deserves, but to offer more. We may do this only with Gods grace because we have surely received more from God than we deserve. The method Jesus suggests is to so overwhelm with love those who oppose us as to win them over. It is this ‘other way’, this ‘charter’ of Jesus which has so inspired the Saints, is offered to us. It is also a challenge taken up by some of the great figures of recent history: Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. In moving beyond the demands of justice into the supernatural world of grace, each of these outstanding figures have made a deep impact on the world. The question for each one of us is perhaps – can we also walk this same path ? This might be a useful thought as we begin this week the great season of grace – Lent

Fr John

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