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A challenge for 2020

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One of the interesting observations we might make about the four Gospels is the number of times it is stated where Jesus is geographically. We know for instance that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Next we hear that the family is fleeing Bethlehem, and Herod’s furor, and arriving in Egypt. In doing so, Jesus’ life emulates the journey of Moses. We also know that the family return to Israel after Herod’s demise. But this time the family resettles in Nazareth. And we hear in our Gospel today that Jesus moves again and settles in Capernaum. Each of these changes in location is fulfilling a prophecy. It would appear that each of these moves in the life of Jesus are less to do with human will, than a ‘grand plan’ from God the Father. Jesus is portrayed as an itinerant, a wanderer – someone who shuns the comforts of stability to instead go where ever Gods call leads him. Later in Our Gospel this weekend we find Jesus asking the same of the twelve. To drop their nets, their stability, their lifestyle, their means of sustenance and to instead follow Him. This ‘call’ might also be for us – to at least show a preparedness to put aside our earthly comforts and stability for the sake of the kingdom. Lets ask for the grace to rise to this challenge as 2020 gets underway.
Fr John

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