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Gaudate Sunday

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Today our patient Advent waiting gives way to great expectant joy as we come closer to the festival of Christmas. Our liturgy today ought also to be marked by certain joyfulness. At the heart of our Gospel this week we have both John the Baptist, and Jesus asking plenty of questions. I was reading the other day a series of questions I thought they were quite good and clever, for instance; if flying is so safe, why are the buildings called terminals, why do feet smell and noses run? And why are some houses called apart -ments, when they are all stacked up and close together, and why, when you buy a television set, do you only get one? And, should we be worried that Doctors and lawyers only seem to practice on us? And finally if lawyers are disbarred and clergy defrocked, why aren’t drycleaners depressed? Jesus asks in our Gospel today; so why did you all go out into the desert to listen to John? Did you go into the desert to see the reeds blowing in the wind – No, did you go out to see a man dressed in fine clothes – No, why then did you go out into the desert to listen to John the Baptist? Of course Jesus knows the answer to this question, but he wanted those disciples, and us, to travel more deeply into the great mystery of what draws us to God, namely the truth. Yes, John preached the truth, this was his attractiveness. In these Advent days lets never tire in our own pursuit of the Truth.

Fr John

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