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The Discomfort of the Gospel

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The Discomfort of the Gospel Both Fr Paul and I would like to thank you all for the warm welcome we received in the parish during our first week. There was both warmth and excitement about what is before us in each of the communities where we celebrated Mass. A willingness to be ever more docile to the call of the Holy Spirit will surely bear much fruit. Thank you also for the way in which you embraced those four pastoral priorities which I hope will animate our parish; doing Sunday well, accepting a sense of shared leadership, embracing a missionary attitude to our faith, and the realisation that each one of us is called to grow in spiritual maturity. Our Gospel this weekend prompts a question; ‘Why did the crowd rise up against Jesus?’ Was it because he stepped outside the box they had constructed for him? He was no longer the local boy who made good; no he had become a prophet. And his signs were not for the edification of the crowd, but for the glory of God. In these ways, he rejected the expectations of those in Nazareth, and, so, they rejected him. As a last sign to them, Jesus walked safely through them and, according to Scripture, he never returned to his hometown. Fr John

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