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We are joy-filled missionary disciples: fed by the Eucharist, growing in holiness, and taking the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ to the people of Waimakariri.


Please follow this link to register for Mass this weekend – both for the Feast of the Assumption and the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Please note these bookings are for if we remain at Alert Level 2. If we return to Alert Level 1 these bookings will not be necessary and some Mass times may change.
We are limited to 100 people per Mass so you must register every individual that will be attending Mass.
We look forward to seeing you there

What does the new COVID-19 Protection Framework mean for our Parish?

Our Parish will be providing Masses for all parishioners regardless of vaccination status. In order to comply with Government regulations and the recommendations of the Catholic Bishops Conference we will provide more Sunday Masses each weekend.

We will be offering two types of Masses: 1) Masses where no pass is required, which will be coded Yellow, and 2) Masses where Vaccine Pass are required, which will be coded Blue.

To register for “Yellow Masses” please visit this website:

Registration is not necessary for “Blue Masses”.

Due to the new and constantly changing nature of this new system, Mass times may need to be further amended over the coming weeks and months.

Please bear with us in grace as we do our best to navigate all of the complexities involved in this.

We also plan to instate regular Online Sunday Masses to accommodate those who are unwell or unable to attend Mass. The Archbishop has confirmed that the obligation for Mass remains lifted.

Please remember to stay home if you are feeling unwell.

Record keeping/scanning is still required at all Masses.

Please note that under Orange, face coverings are required for workers and volunteers. For everyone else masks remain highly encouraged, but not mandatory.

Sandra will be in touch regarding rosters. All attending and serving at Vaccine Pass Masses will need to be vaccinated. We will also need a few volunteers after each Mass to stay back and help wipe down surfaces.

Finally, if anyone is struggling, would like a visit or feels lonely, please let the Parish staff know and we can arrange a visit.

God bless you

Senior Leadership Team

Sunday Masses 18-19 December 2021:

Christmas Masses 23-26 December 2021:

In the spirit of Christian community we will be holding a special outdoor Mass at Rangiora for Christmas Eve. We will be operating safely and within the rules of the traffic light system (and after consultation with the local police), so attendees will be situated in groups, of no more than 50 people each, in separate roped-off areas on the back field. Our festival will begin at 7pm with 30 minutes of carols, followed by Mass together to celebrate the birth of our Savior. 
IMPORTANT: This is an open Mass, so all participants need to register their attendance online at:
1. Please bring your own chair or rug!
2. When you arrive you can enter the back field using one of 4 different gates (the two large gates either side of the Church, and the two pedestrian gates on the Percival Street side of the field)

New Year Masses 31 December – 2 January 2022:

Masses during January 2022:


SUNDAY MASS – 9.30am


Join us via our YouTube channel for our livestream Mass on Sunday morning with Fr John and Fr Tien. The livestream will begin from 9:25am. 



The schedule is changing week by week over the Christmas/New Year period. Please check the bulletin for the most up to date information. 


Tuesday – 9am (Yellow)

Wednesday – 9am (Yellow)

Thursday – 9am (Yellow)

Friday – 12pm (Yellow)




The schedule is changing week by week over the Christmas/New Year period. Please check the bulletin for the most up to date information. 


Wednesday – 12pm (Yellow)

Friday – 9.30am (Yellow)

Saturday – 9:30am (Yellow)



Sunday – 8:30am (Yellow)


Wednesday – 7pm (Yellow)            

(First and Third Wednesday) 


No regular Mass timetable.

christmas MASS TIMES


  • 5:30pm Mass at St Patrick’s Church in Kaiapoi preceded by Carols at 5:00pm

  • 8:00pm Mass at St Mary and St Francis de Sales Church in the Chervier Centre in Rangiora preceded by Carols at 7:30pm


  • 8:30am Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Oxford

  • 9:00am Mass at St Patrick’s Church in Kaiapoi

  • 10:30am Mass at St Mary & St Francis de Sales in the Chervier Centre in Rangiora preceded by Carols at 10:10am


  • 10:30 pm – Adoration in Rangiora

    11:30pm – Mass at St Mary & St Francis de Sales in the Chervier Centre in Rangiora



  • 9:00am – Mass at St Mary & St Francis de Sales in the Chervier Centre in Rangiora

Parish youtube channel

We encourage you to visit and subscribe to our parish YouTube channel so that it is easy to access ongoing.


I come from a family of dancers, my sister and brother hold New Zealand ballroom dancing titles, my brother Tony still teaches and dances professionally in Brisbane. Unfortunately their skills have not been passed onto me, their eldest brother, in fact, as a priest I normally take the opportunity at a social event to head home when the dancing starts… I mention all this to you today because in our Gospel this weekend we hear that John the Baptist ‘leapt’ for joy at the presence of the unborn Jesus brought to him by Mary. However the translation ‘leapt’ is rather a lame one when we consider the original Greek word. Perhaps a better translation would be ‘did a whirling dance’. The original readers of this gospel text would have understood that the reaction of the unborn John the Baptist, to the unborn Jesus, was the same reaction of king David when the ark of the covenant came to Jerusalem (2 Sam 6) Mary, the new Ark of the Covenant, continues to bring Jesus among us today. To dance is of course an expression of joy. Next weekend that same Jesus who so animated Elizabeth and John the Baptist will be amongst you and I. Perhaps we won’t have dancing at our Christmas masses, but I pray that amidst the worries and anxieties of the world we might be well prepared to at least interiorly dance for joy and the presence of our new born savior. Fr John